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Weekly Vegetable Baskets (July–November)

How it works

  • We have 1 product: our own fresh, organic vegetables.
  • We deliver our vegetables to a convenient pick-up location in Sackville weekly from July to November.
  • You always get to choose your own vegetables.
  • Miss a week or going on vacation? You can always make it up later in the season or send someone to pick up your veggies for you.

You decide…

  1. How you’d like to pay for a season of veggies — a single payment or monthly instalments.
  2. How many vegetables you need — a small, medium, or large basket.
  3. Each week you decide what you need.

Other options

Don’t want to pay by credit card?

We appreciate being paid by cash or cheque and accept both lump sum payments and instalments.

Buy à-la-carte

Try our vegetables before signing up for Weekly Vegetable Basket pick-up — we’re at the Sackville Farmer’s Market, the Moncton Farmer’s Market, and the Dieppe Market every Saturday.

Weekly Vegetable Baskets (July–November)

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Showing all 6 results